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Temper, Time and Temperature

By on Jul 22, 2014 in Dominance/submission, Erotica and Feminism, Feminism and Theory, Feminist Perceptions, social criticism, Touch in Real Life, Women in History, Writing Erotica | 0 comments

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Alright, this is a completely unrelated post to any of the usual categories – it is a life post. I have started a new job, which is fun, but the five hours commute each day are giving me strange insight in the human nature (don’t worry, I only commute for another week, then I will stop the senseless philosophising).

So, my life is in shambles. I get up at 4.30 and tend to return at around 9 – five hours of which I am spending in transit in one way or another. In a heat wave. Some things can be said here:
• I have a new appreciation for deodorant and think it should be handed out at the door of ever train
• Temperature is supposed to make people angry – if that is the case then commuters are the most placid people on the planet.
• England is incredibly beautiful in summer.
• And I need more sleep.

Keeping that in mind I will now go off and sleep – and promise an actual blog post again next week when my commute has come to an end. Finally to an end.

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