By My Side…

What if he could find a woman who, by her very nature, can safe his people from eternal slavery? Could he let her be free?


Paranormal Romance/ Erotic Romance



2014 Phantasia Carnalis

Orcs are monsters, bred for violence, predisposed to act with brutality and hate. They lack morals, empathy and intelligence. They are the slaves of the supernatural world, tools of war and torture. 

But history is written by the victor, by the powerful. And the orcs have never been that. They have never known peace or safety. What would the freedom to choose their own path mean for the orcs?

What would a woman who, by her very nature, could give them the chance to live free mean to them? Would they take her freedom to keep her? Would they give her a choice? This is her story – and theirs. 



By my side

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