Guilt is a dystopian romance about a woman who has lost all hope and a man who is unwilling to let her go – not even in the face of political intrigue, past failures and distrust.

Twenty years ago, politicians used the threat of non-human life as a political ploy to avert widespread discontent – and was taught that there are aliens. What they had thought were witches and vampires, elves and brownies turned out to be visitors from other planets and their governments demanded justice.

One of these visitors was Sebastian Kel Rejar, then a young, traumatised boy who saw his father die in the concentration camps and his mother slowly go insane. He survived and rescued by his powerful grandfather grows up far away from Earth, even though he cannot forget what has been done to him. He also cannot forget Alana, the young foster child, left behind that night when the soldiers came for his family. 

He returns to a reparation savaged Earth a powerful trade mogul, enjoying luxuries humanity has long since lost under the sanctions imposed on them. When he is asked by the US government to intercede in the Galactic trade talks on Earth’s behalf he is amused and has no qualms to turn them down – that is until the government dangles a prize under his nose. Alana. 

But the child he knew is no child anymore – and she has more secrets than the universe. Through betrayal and pain he finds the child he misses in a women he cannot help loving. 

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