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Christine Blackthorn

Feminist, Erotic Romance Author, Academic



There are whole worlds in my head … come play!

In the evening before I go to sleep, when I wait for a bus, when I walk to the gym – that is when my mind tells me stories. Here is where I share some of them with you. Ever wondered what it is a powerful king wants aside from more power? Angel, his best friend and reluctant lover, can tell you what it is. Wondered what it would be to suddenly have to rule a whole galaxy – and not get a choice? Well, Olivia was caught in that trap. Adria and Damien on the other hand have not even come close to sort out their trust issues. And then, there is the question of the Blind Date.

By My Choice ...

By My Choice.... A Valentine's Day Story

Sometimes the path of life seems inevitable — what does it mean to choose?

Jennifer Ashton has spent her whole life in one Supernatural court or the other but the realities of what this means are only brought home to her when her best friend is forced to sell her to a vampire, and not any vampire, but one she knows well. Caught in the double betrayal of friendship and love she needs to decide what her life is going to be.

Jennifer is a financial manager, her control over every aspect of her own life complete. She does not allow anything to upset her rationality, no emotion, no sensation, no desire. The only weakness she has accepted is her unlimited loyalty to her best friend, the friend who betrays her by selling her to a competitor. She joins her new master in Paris where she begins to realise that he has as little choice as she does. Can she accept that by giving up everything, by giving him everything, they might both regain their lives?

By My Side.... A Valentine's Day Story

Orcs are monsters, bred for violence, predisposed to act with brutality and hate. They lack morals, empathy and intelligence. They are the slaves of the supernatural world, tools of war and torture. But history is written by the powerful -- what would freedom mean for the orcs? What if an orc could find a woman who, by her very nature, could give him the chance to forge a unit, a future, for his people? This is their story.

By My Side - High Resolution

I started telling these stories to my friends, then friends of friends, then friends of friends of friends... you get the point. Then someone had the idea of a website. And here we are.

All my stories have a strong sensual or sexual component, so be warned. On this website you find the beginning, or the end of some of the stories I am sharing at the moment. Some characters have existed since years, and have had more than their fair share of story space, others are only just developing. Tell me what you think about them. If you want to know more about the stories, sign up for the newsletter (It has replaced the email updates I have done until now).

I will consider what is involved in writing erotica, even share the experiences, and the shenanigans, my characters get up to on the Blog. It turns out that I also have a political/philosophical susceptibility, which finds its expression here. No matter what – I would love to hear your opinions, advice, comments or complaints. Just get in touch ….

I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write it

Voltaire, letter to M. le Riche, 6.2.1770