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By My Choice...

“So you sold me.”

There was nothing he could add to make the accusation less stinging. In the end, there was nothing he could say in his own defence.

“If you want to call it that.”

“What would you call it?”

Blind Date

You have to watch a lover to seduce them, to truly reach their core and gain that most intimate of surrenders, to hold their shivering form in your arms, replete by the power you have had over them, you share with them. 

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In a galaxy far, far away …well, not really. We messed it up! And now we are paying for it.

Moving in Times of Corona

Moving in Times of Corona   “Shit, I forgot to call the moving guys.” In case you are wondering, three o’clock in the morning is not a good time for this thought, in particular not the day before you were supposed to move. But then, this is the “move that...

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It changes everything…

The door closed without a sound behind the mother and child. The woman looked after them, her expression pensive - pensive enough that she first did not react when one of her friends suggested that they collect the children and start heading home.  “Janna.” The...

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Clean Romance – what is it

  Clean Romance- what is it and why does it sell (or not sell)? Clean romance, often also called wholesome or sweet romance has increased in popularity immensely over the last decade.  However, that trend has been significantly stronger in the US. Why is this the...

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I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Christine Blackthorn has a gift for creating characters that stick with you long after you’ve finished reading and make you long for more. And more.

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I was hesitant to read this book (now I have no idea why) IT’S AMAZING!!! I think I read this book in a few hours and was so sad I was done. A beautiful story and wonderful characters with just the right amount of HOT! MUST READ!!!

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Too be fair, I think it is boring too

Christine Blackthorn is an academic with degrees in Law, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics. She speaks seven languages, mainly because her parents did not consider a child good enough a reason not to go and discover the world. She spends her free time knitting and poking her partner with a sword. In all fairness, he normally wins (the last match ended 34 points to 100 —but there is always hope). Though, free time, and sleep, have become rareities after the birth of her two sons. 

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Twenty years ago, politicians used the threat of non-human life as a political ploy to avert widespread discontent – and was taught that there are aliens. What they had thought were witches and vampires, elves and brownies turned out to be visitors from other planets and their governments demanded justice.

One of these visitors was Sebastian Kel Rejar, then a young, traumatised boy who saw his father die in the concentration camps and his mother slowly go insane. He survived and rescued by his powerful grandfather grows up far away from Earth, even though he cannot forget what has been done to him. He also cannot forget Alana, the young foster child, left behind that night when the soldiers came for his family. 

He returns to a reparation savaged Earth a powerful trade mogul, enjoying luxuries humanity has long since lost under the sanctions imposed on them. When he is asked by the US government to intercede in the Galactic trade talks on Earth’s behalf he is amused and has no qualms to turn them down – that is until the government dangles a prize under his nose. Alana. 

But the child he knew is no child anymore – and she has more secrets than the universe. Through betrayal and pain he finds the child he misses in a women he cannot help loving. 

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